Vegan option on a budget in Madrid
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Vegan restaurant, on a budget, in Madrid

There’s more and more veggie and vegan options in Madrid. I’ll share with you 5 of my favorite spots; in the trendiest area of Malasaña .. where you can find veggie or vegan very good meal for a good price (less than 15€) so, in this article, I’ll give you one of my top vegan restaurant, on a budget, in Madrid.

Italian vegan at “Pizzi&Dixie”

In the heart of Malasaña (aka Disneyland for hipster, and I can say that because In live here) you can eat vegan pizzas your feet’s in the sand! Or the usual way at a regular table too…

They have a large chose of vegan delicious pizzas, and nice dessert. During the mealtime in weekdays they offers 2 menus at 10 € (pizza and drink) and 11,50 € (first and second plate, dessert and drink).

Don’t forget to book a table, Pizzi&Dixie is usually pretty packed.

Avocado aficionado at “Avocado Love”

Avocado love is a kind of new in the area. Like Pizzi&Dixie it’s in the heart of the hipster area, a few streets away for Plaza dos de Mayo.

I really like the decoration, of this place. And the food is lovely too! As you may have guess already the star is … the avocado (but not only).

They have a really fair price menu during the weekday and even a brunch on Saturday and Sunday starting at 13 €. If you don’t like theses options you can also order “à la carte”. Prices from 8 to 12€ for the main course.

Green fast food at “Honest Green”

There’s 4 of them now in Madrid, the one I know well is in Chueca/Malasaña.

Honest green is a very spacious restaurant where you can eat healthy quickly and for a very good price. The plate are usually full of food and you can compose them.

First you chose the type of bowl you’d like. Then you can build around with a few options, like some protein, sauce ….

Usually around 12 € as far as I’m concern. They also have a large choice of flavored water, you can refill your glass as much as you need. And a few plant based dessert and snacks.

I highly recommend you the falafel, I‘m never disappointed !

Mediterranean vegan sandwich at “La Falafeleria”

La Falaferia, vegan option on a budget in Madrid, specialized in falafel

Talking about falafels… you can’t miss this one : La Falafeleria

They have 3 types of sandwiches to choose

  • The Sabij with aubergine at 5,90€
  • The Falafel at 5,90€
  • The Shawarma with mushroom at 6,90€

And then you can decide whether to have it very spicy or reglar.

My fav is the falafel one as you might as guess know… the homemade fries are gorgeous but I must say, fries and sandwich is a bit to much food…

Finally, my last vegan restaurant on a budget in Madrid is from the same owner. They have an other restaurant specialized in hummus very close by :

La Hummuseria, a bit more expensive but also very tasty. You really need to reserve this one if you want to eat there.

I hope you’ll like those restaurant, if you have other great cheap and vegan option to eat in Malasaña, please write a comment I’ll be happy to ty them !

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